Dear Families,

Re: Sixth Form provision in lockdown commencing 5th November

One of the challenges in planning for the new lockdown is that I am still waiting for detailed guidance in regards to staff who are in the CEV (clinically extremely vulnerable) category.

I have at least seven staff in this group, most of whom work in the sixth form with students who need and rely on an experienced staff who are known and used to those students.

At the present time I am trying to get clarity with those staff about whether they come into that category or not, and the implications for this. It is clear that the implications on normal running are potentially significant, even though all those staff would want to continue working.

I am writing to warn you that I may need to introduce a rota system for sixth form students where sixth form classes will come into college for reduced provision, as opposed to every day.

As soon as clear guidance is in place and staff have received their letters from the NHS, I will be able to confirm what I need to do. My aim is not to create anxiety but to give you some time to reflect and plan on what would be needed for you in this event.

If you wish to discuss this please contact me or James Winchester, DHT or Lisa Moore, Head of Sixth Form.

Thank you for your continuing support and hard work.

Yours sincerely,

Phillip Potter


to 6th form parents re lockdown 201104

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