Dear Parents/ Carers,

As part of the covid protocols staff are still testing every Sunday and Wednesday. As of early evening today, I have 24 staff who have tested positive for Covid. Staff are still expected to isolate for at least five days from testing positive and many are not testing negative on day 5 and 6 so they can return.

This is going to make the whole of this week incredibly difficult from a staffing point of view and to ensure that classes are open, safe and learning is happening in an appropriate way. This puts all our plans over the next couple of weeks at risk, including  our plans for the production.

It is really important all students are regularly testing where they can.

Many of the staff who have tested positive are the staff are those who carry put medical and care procedures and are not staff who can be replaced at all.

This does mean we are looking at a number of class closures over this week and closures that could be for a number of days.

If this impacts your young persons class directly we will be emailing you again shortly.

Students should only be in college if they are well.

I am so sorry that our service is not going to be how we would all want it to be, however the safety of all students is our top priority.

If you wish to discuss this with me please feel free to email me.

Yours sincerely,




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