Dear Parents/ Carers,

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister at the start of this week it is important that I outline the impact this has on our plans for the rest of the term.

Next week is an important week for those in Year 11 and Year 14 who come to the end of their time at Oak Grove College.  We are in the position that we can do some things to support and celebrate students in relation to their leaving, but we cannot do the normal things. This may feel frustrating and disappointing for some students and their families.

We had already decided that to reduce numbers and ensure that the integrity of bubbles was maintained that the sixth form events would be separate and different from the Year 11 events.

Sixth Form: 

The sixth form will have an assembly in the hall on Wednesday period 5 and the first part of period 6 as a leavers assembly, and will all be off site on Friday at Lodge Hill, where they will all have fun as a team in the outdoors and take part in a range of activities.  We cannot have an indoor leaving version of a prom where families are invited as this would compromise social distancing and all of our bubbles.

Year 11: 

Year 11 will spend Wednesday off site. They will have a version of a prom on Thursday evening and this will be for the students and limited staff only.  Families will not be able to join this event.

I have attached a letter from the Director of Education (see below) that explains about large events and how this impacts on what we do and how we do it.

I am sorry that we are not able to do the same things for all leavers, we had plans and were ready to run with the full removal of restrictions to run normal leavers events.  We are doing different things for different groups based on the number of staff that are required to run specific events, the availability of outdoor space and the ability to cope with adverse weather if needed.

It is essential that as a college we continue to follow the rules and that we ensure we are looking after all of the community.  In West Sussex the rates of Covid are rising fastest in the 10 – 14 year old age group and I wish to avoid joining that trend, as the alternative will be classes going back into cycles of self-isolation.

New build: 

Next week the planned new build starts on our back field. This means that on Monday and Tuesday the back field will be closed. This will be while the construction fencing is put up. After this, parts of the field will be open for outdoor lessons and lunch time.

This means that for Monday and Tuesday students in Marvel, Da Vinci and Avatar will have to spend less time outside at lunchtime so we that can juggle the lunch arrangements.

Once year 11 and year 14 students have left next Friday we will have more flexibility in how we arrange lunch times.

We cannot delay the start of the building project otherwise it won’t be ready for September.

The initial work is going to involve the removal of lots of top soil, so the field is going to look a mess while there will be little that looks exciting or promising happening.  By mid July it should look more exciting and we will share photos on our social media platforms to keep you updated.

Many thanks for your continued support in what continues to be uncertain times and operating in very different ways.

If you have any questions about this please contact me by email or phone.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


2021.06.15 Letter from the Director of Education – West Sussex

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