Dear Parents/ carers

Thank you to all of you for your great support and work this year. It has been a roller coaster of a year but your young people have shown themselves to be such resilient, enthusiastic and happy learners.

I hope that you all manage to have a great holiday and a rest.

The start to term, at this point and subject to guidance, will look like this:

1st September            Summer Holiday

2nd September           INSET Day

3rd September           INSET Day

6th September           All Year 7 (all areas of college) & Year 10 (subject based learners)

7th September           As 6th September plus KOA, Year 11 & Animus

8th September           All students

Please note the change for Year 10 and year 11 students from what was previously advised. This is because of the availability of FE college provision.

Covid 19:

In the run up to the return to college it is vital that students, where they can, are continuing to test at home. More testing kits can be ordered on line.

Our website and social media feeds will contain any necessary updates over the summer and there are some transition videos and end of term messages on there now.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday, I hope you all get to relax and see loved ones.

Everybody at Oak Grove College is looking forward to seeing you all in September, ready to connect, ready to learn, ready for adventures, ready to live “Everyone matters, every day counts”.


Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


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