Dear Parent/Carer,

The half term has gone very fast and I am sure we are all now ready for a half term break. Students have coped with the new routines remarkably well and the adjustments to them that we have made. The current Covid scenario means we are still not able to return to normal, this is especially the case with off site visits to community settings and in whole college events. This means that the run up to Christmas this year will not include our carol concerts at the church or in college, Christmas dinners will be a small group event over a number of days and we will have to continue to ensure we are following good hand hygiene and separation procedures.

There has been lots of discussion in the media over the potential for a fire break half term lasting two weeks. Under all circumstances it is likely that special schools will be expected to remain fully open. However, I will know the details of any changes at the same time they are announced and if I need t contact you over half term I shall do so by email and text.

Remote learning:

We have sent to subject based learners over the last week a number of links to work and on line resources with the relevant passwords to use in case we do have to move into a remote learning scenario. If your young person is based in Marvel, Da Vinci or Avatar and you have not had this please check their bags!

Our website has a large home learning section on it and we will launch a new website after half term where the home learning section is better laid out and easier to follow.

Family consultation evening:

Thank you to all of you for taking part in telephone family consultation evenings. It is good to be able to share student successes with you.

Transition evening:

Normally in November we would have a transition evening for students and families in Key stage 4 and 5 to come and talk to providers and discuss their offers for post 16 , 18 and 19 education, care and training.

This will not be possible this year, however all the providers are doing on line video and on line prospectuses to help people make choices.

We are also sending links for families to these events and videos where they are being provided to us. Please make sure you are looking at these and if you want to discuss options please contact Carrie Anne Sillence (Senior teacher KS4) or Lisa Moore (Pastoral Lead for Sixth Form). It is important that time is spent looking at these and considering the future.


Please make sure that students bring a coat into college each day and this is named.

Show Racism the Red Card

I am delighted to be able to tell you that we raised £115.55 from last Friday’s charity day.  Thank you for your support.

 Superheroes Race Around the World

The Oak Grove College Community are signed up to Race Around the World as part of the Superheroes Winter Wheels Challenge. Starting on 5th November and finishing on 6th December 2020, we are trying to contribute to the Super Team’s total of 40,750km.  Our Super Hero is Adam Hills and we are committed to complete at least 1,000km.  So walk, run, push, cycle, swim, skateboard, or any other exercise you fancy.  Everybody can take part: staff, governors, Friends of Oak Grove College, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles!  Just submit your weekly mileage to and at the end of challenge a prize will be awarded to the family or individual who has completed the most distance.  Get fit, keep fit and most of all have FUN!

What if a student is tested positive for Covid 19 over the holidays?

If over the half term a student tests positive for Covid 19 it is vital that you inform us. Please do this by emailing me on as we must still discharge our track and trace responsibilities. Please do not wait to email us, please do it straight away.

Development work over the half term holidays:

Over the half term we will have some building work undertaken with new doors fitted in to the West and East block and some installations of new therapy equipment for students to use. A thorough clean of the college will also be undertaken.

Thank you

Thank you for your ongoing hard work, support and cooperation in what continues to be changing times and a unique situation. I would also like to thank the entire staff team who have worked tirelessly to keep all students happy, learning, focused and safe during this time. To keep groups of students separate and have split lunches and breaks means that all staff have had shorter and fewer breaks and I know you would want to thank them for all they are doing.

Final ask of the half term:

If you have a store of carrier bags you no longer need. We will happily take them off of you and use them in college!

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter



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