Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope this finds you all safe and well.

I have seen so much great work this week in college, on screens as people join in sessions, work that’s been emailed in and through staff who have done deliveries talking about the work they have seen.

Thank you to all of you for making this happen, for creating structures that work for all of you in your own unique scenarios. Everyone is having to manage so much and juggle things to make it happen; your support and help to the staff team to make this happen is much appreciated.

As the number of confirmed cases of Covid 19 goes down (although there are still over 200 people unwell in local hospitals) we need to continue to ensure that we work to reduce risk and future cases. One of the ways this can happen is if you employ PAs then you can get them registered for the vaccine as a care worker. Independent Lives and other PA support services will be able to facilitate this for you. At present, school staff are not able to get the vaccine on the face they work in a special school so those staff who also support families as PAs could get it through that route.

Home Learning:

The above link takes you to the website where most of our home learning is based. We now have videos for most areas of the college on there (with more coming) to show you how to access all of our learning and to help you with the expectations and priorities in this.

Alongside this, the Maths team are launching a weekly set of quizzes.

Kahoot! Quizzes:

Revise your maths skills with weekly Kahoot! Quizzes.

Challenge your friends or family. These quizzes can be played online at any time, just enter the game pin on the Kahoot! app or at

We will be uploading a new Kahoot! each week onto our maths home learning page.

Here are the game pins for this weeks’ Kahoot quizzes:

Stepping up: 04577212

Stage 1: 09237686

Stage 2: 08652939

Stage 3: 08381285

Stage 4: 08870479

Stage 5: 02078488

If you are not sure which maths stage your child should be accessing, please email Nina Pearson (

PE Challenge:

Don’t forget the weekly PE challenge goes up on our social media platforms each Monday morning.  An amazing well done to Jolie for being top of the leader board this week.

Koa Challenges:

Don’t forget the daily Koa challenge goes up on social media platforms every day.


We have issued many laptops to families. If you are at home struggling with device access and need a laptop please speak to your form tutor so they can pass the details onto Tyler and we can arrange for a laptop to be organised for you. We can also support you with Wi-Fi routers and data allowances.

Year 9 Options:

The above link is for Year 9 students in Marvel, Avatar and Da Vinci to work through as they choose their options. There are short videos about each option subject. As you will see, staff clearly had fun making them! Don’t forget the deadline to return the form though: 22nd February. You should all have received a paper copy of the booklet and forms today.


Please remember that, at times, we will need to arrange to do a socially distanced visit if we have not been able to contact you over a period of time. These are an expected part of what we do from the Department of Education at this time.

Friends of Oak Grove College AGM:

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Oak Grove College will be on Tuesday 9th February at 4pm. It will be by Zoom link so all can join to find out how they can contribute to fundraising for the college. We always welcome more families to support us in these efforts. The log in details for this are:

Meeting ID: 845 2570 0939

Passcode: KD1DNd

Full reopening of schools:

The Prime Minister announced this week that the further reopening of schools will aim to start from 8th March. There has been lots of discussion regarding if this is a phased return, a full return or indeed if it will happen.

We have been promised two weeks clear notice of the preferred plan to enable families and schools to get organised. We again, as the transmission rate has decreased locally, increase slightly the number of students we can have in college; we are still working on the basis that we provide for children of key workers and those who have additional vulnerability without being in college.

When we know more about the full reopening plans I will be in contact.  At this point schools have only had the same announcements at the same time that all of us have had.

Thank you for all your hard work, support and care; you are all doing an amazing job. Enjoy the photos and certificates!

Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely,



Phillip Potter


update to families 210129

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