Dear Parents/ Carers,

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister last night we have spent today trying to get clarity and to risk assess and prepare for remote learning. There is still no detailed guidance on the expectations for special schools and they need to be proportionate and reasonable to ensure the risk of transmission is as low as possible.

Today we were open for the children of key workers and those students who are most vulnerable for a variety of reasons for not being in college and that will continue for the rest of the week. Families who have requested a place or who have been allocated a place have been spoken to. I am not going to go above 60 students in college until I am clear what the increased transmission risks are and how I can mitigate against them. This is to protect the whole community.

The testing team have successfully tested 57 staff during the course of the day and been observed by the Clinical Nursing Lead for Special Schools doing an excellent job. We will start testing students who are willing to engage in the process tomorrow and where we have parental consent.

The college website has lots of home learning work on it now and it will be continually updated.

Free School Meal packages have been made up and a team of staff will be delivering them tomorrow, these will come with work packages for many students and family.

Staff will be contacting, by telephone or email, all families in the coming days and when we deliver packages or work packs it would be great if we can see the students, a wave through the window is fine or a quick word on the telephone.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation and if there is anything we can do to support please contact us.

Please make sure you stay safe, follow the rules and remember that home is the safest place at this point in time.

Yours sincerely


P Potter


Letter to Parents – 5th January





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