Dear Parents/ Carers,

This letter aims to clarify some changes that we need to make in relation to the national lockdown, which will be in place from midnight tonight and is based upon guidance that was sent to schools this morning re clinically vulnerable staff and students and guidance sent after school re changes during lockdown.

Sixth form students have been sent a letter about the potential impact on their provision with staff not being available and we have also spoken to all families of students in the sixth form about changes to guidance for adults with Downs Syndrome.

Family drop off and pick up:

Please don’t arrive early and I now need to ask family members to wear a face mask at collection and drop off of students especially at the family gate in the evening.


I have asked staff to wear masks/visors in communal areas from tomorrow.

Year 11 students based in Marvel:

I have had really reflective, mature discussions with the two year 11 form groups based in Marvel. We have agreed that they will wear face masks as they move around the college from tomorrow.

Discussing the lockdown:

Staff have prepared detailed resources to use to structure how we discuss the lockdown and why schools are open for use in most classes tomorrow. This will help frame for all students the way we are discussing the issues and provide a consistent language that all staff will use. These will be uploaded onto our website.

Updated guidance:

This link takes you to the updated guidance (which does not specifically refer to special schools).

I understand that many families may feel anxious about the lockdown and increasing rates of Covid 19 transmission nationally and we will ensure that we continue to operate as safely as possible for all while continuing to provide the best possible education and care.

Where families have highly specific concerns please speak to me or form tutors so that we can ensure we address them.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


to parents re second lockdown 201104

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